Note: This had been sitting in my drafts for over a year. Finally realized this and was able to share! (11/24/2020)

I recently had the honor to interview April Wensel, the founder of one my favorite organizations, Compassionate Coding. The work that April and her team is doing feels essential in the technology space. I was so glad to have the chance to chat with her about the organization and how it all began.

How fluid was your journey from software engineer into a founder of Compassionate Coding? …

Inclusion has been one of the hottest topics for the film world in 2018, but it is hard to say if we are anywhere near an equal playing field for women and minorities in all aspects of film. While we have seen women and minorities in increasingly more and better roles there is still a shortage of female writers and directors creating films that are being seen by the masses. To address this shortage, I have decided to analyze film crews in the ten highest grossing films (indie and non-indie) of 2017. …

I’m heading back to the SXSW Interactive Conference & Festival this year, thanks to a generous grant (which I ended up not using for this eek). This time I’m bringing my girlfriend and in an effort to not overwhelm her I am again trying to make a rough schedule for us to follow. Perhaps I shouldn’t call it a schedule and maybe it’s just the things that I really want to do.

Side note: I got incredibly stressed while trying to plan this out, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea. Maybe the best idea is to just go with…

On Tuesday technology professionals from all around the DMV convened at Betamore in Baltimore for the Tech Jobs Tour.

  • To be honest I woke up at 6AM to watch my football team in an FA Cup match. City won. Yay.

After that I seriously struggled with myself to get up and get outside. It was super cloudy and rainy and depressing.

  • Finally I saw a panel by Dr. Dieter Zetsch on the future of autonomous cars and how Mercedes is implementing this tech. The focused went into mapping more than anything and I agree — our maps need to be our steward and they need to be advanced before self driving cars exist in the consumer world.

Next up I took a rainy walk toward the convention center.

  • Luckily I ran into some naked juice — they provided a fresh…

  • Had a weird nights sleep. I was wide awake at 4:30AM ready to get my day started. Eventually dozed back off and awoke at a normal hour, 6:25.
  • Got myself ready for the day. Prepared for all the weather combos but the weather just doesn’t make sense.
  • Coffee & breakfast tacos at Jo’s Coffee which is the new love of my life. (Side note: they serve frosé — which means I’ll likely be back.)

  • Flew to Austin next to ELITHECOMPUTERGUY
  • Used Austin’s car2go service and had my first smart car experience. Umm. They don’t really brake or accelerate well — and imagine me and my luggage inside of this thing.
  • Checked into my overpriced hotel and received a goody bag with gatorades and waters and granola bars 👌🏼👌🏼
  • Picked up my badge at an almost empty convention center (also stopped by Mazda and Esurance to attempt to win things)

I’m landing in Austin on Thursday afternoon and I’ve attempted to create some type of schedule for myself. There’s no possible way that I can follow this, but it’s worth a shot.

Thursday, March 9

2:00, Pick up Badge
3:00, Settle in @ hotel
4:00, Take a walk around downtown,
6:00, Find a good dinner place and maybe check out Casa Mexico

Friday, March 10

7:00, Wake up — Coffee & Tacos @Jo’s
11:00– 12:00, Influencing Impact: Through Story and Innovation
12:00– 1:00, Intel AI Lounge
2:00– 4:00, Nerdist Backyard Bash @ Bangers
4:00–5:00, Mashable House or Capital One House
5:00– 6:00, Accessibility: Why It’s…

I received a grant earlier this year that will allow me to travel to the annual SXSW Interactive conference in just a week. While I’ve been researching for a month in my best attempt to find the BEST panels, talks, events, and happy hours I figured perhaps I should have some very basic & simple goals as well.

When I first threw myself into the hours of researching and scheduling this trip I quickly became overwhelmed. This conference is HUGE. There’s literally 5 different things I want to be doing at any given time. …

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